What advantages do the OLM services provide for my property?

  • OLM develops industry leading specifications and contracts that can be used for the life of the property.
  • OLM's Performance Payment™ bid service assists the Owners in properly benchmarking their operating cost.
  • OLM's Performance Payment™ site inspections assure Owners pay only for the services received.

How do I get started?

For assistance please email Tommy Medlock at tmedlock@olminc.com



OLM Services


What three primary services does OLM perform for Owners?

Prepare Performance Payment™ based Specifications

Prepare RFP's to include conducting the bid process

Conduct Performance Payment™ based site inspections

Performance Payment™ is a proven contract management system that stipulates 75% of the Contractor's monthly service invoice is base payment. The remaining 25% of that month's service invoice is based on the Contractor meeting or exceeding all services to the standards set forth in the contract specifications as determined during the monthly site inspection.

Isn't bidding and managing service contracts my manager's job?

Your manager's job is also to find the most effective way to manage your property, save money and protect the Owner's assets. OLM'S Performance Payment™ management system has a proven record of saving money and insuring consistency of service, which results in long term efficiencies.

Doesn't my manager already perform these services?

OLM's contractor management system does not take the place of daily management. This system is a proven tool to assist property managers in assuring your property is receiving the best possible service and price while protecting the Owners assets.